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Ferrari Land Port Aventura

Writed by Hotel Mas Gallau the 2 May 2016 the category Port Aventura

Ferrari Land, which is destined to become the park's most important motorsport fans and especially Ferrari attractions, will open in 2017 next to the PortAventura leisure complex. Now, PortAventura World Parks & Resort has released a video as a virtual tour in which he reveals some new and unpublished images

Among other innovations, the video shows the vertical accelerator, which will be one of the star attractions of the park. It will have a height of 112 meters and will become the highest roller coaster in Europe, beating Shambhala (76 meters), also located in PortAventura. In the accelerator, passengers will experience the sensations of Formula 1, with an acceleration of 180 km / h in just 5 seconds, equivalent to 1.35 G. Immediately they will be driven vertically to reach 112 meters and then return to plummet, with a maximum slope of 90 degrees.

have also revealed images of other attractions so far unpublished: two towers rebound of more than 55 meters high, a fun race track of 570 meters designed for the entire family and up to eight simulators edge technology that will feel the thrill of speed both adults and the little ones.

Ferrari Land will occupy a space of 60,000 square meters steeped in Italian tradition thanks to elements such as the facade of the Colosseum, the Scala or the Campanile of San Marcos. In addition, the commitment gastronomy will be represented at various restaurants, as a trattoria.

With more than 100 million euros investment, Ferrari Land is the largest project of PortAventura World Parks & Resort.

The project consists of a theme park linked to the history of Ferrari, which will use the most advanced technologies in the facility, which will also have a luxury hotel with over 200 rooms. The thread motor Ferrari theme park will be the speed.

(Source http://www.autobild.es/noticias)

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